Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Write About Real Estate?

If you know enough about something, you can write about it. If you have never done something it's pretty hard to write about it. Being in real estate for just 4 years gave me enough of a back ground to at least sound like I know what I'm talking about when discussing real estate. When I got out of real estate I moved into writing about it and found I enjoyed that a lot more.

But is there really enough to write about?

There are several blogging platforms that are solely dedicated to real estate blogging such as Real Town and ActiveRain. Since every real estate transaction is different and every person is different there will never be two situations alike. For this reason there are many things to write about, discuss and focus on to learn, grow and gain more exposure for yourself, your business and your online presence. This is why I choose to write.

I have done a lot of writing for local folks such as my friend and Florence Realtor, Rob Shepherd. While I may have never lived in the Florence area I am greatly blessed to have grown up in the Pacific Northwest and been there several times. Rob also keeps me in the loop with local articles, news, reports and newspapers. I love that and it not only helps me draw for information but also lets me know what type of Realtor he is. He certainly cares about the individual and you can get a sense of how they would be in a real estate transaction.  Would I refer him to someone in that area? Absolutely!

I have worked with many Realtors and agents over the years and can really get a sense of who they are and how they would treat their own clients. Of course everyone gets upset from time to time but when there is a general sense of respect toward anyone in any industry you would have an easier time referring them to a friend or relative. Even in short instances such as my involvement with Lori Doerr of Bismarck ND real estate, I can tell she would be a fun and easy person to work with.

Real Estate is such a personal and enormous purchase that just trusting anyone with your finances can be risky. You want to know the person and know that they can be trusted, not only because you are paying them but because they are a generally nice person. I often think of the waitress mentality. If you are rude to a waitress in front of others, how are you in private and what would you be like to work with in a situation in which I was not paying you?

Real estate is personal and if you're going to be a successful agent or brokerage you can't assume that the jobs will just come to you. Attitude is everything and if yours sucks, you may not get referred.

Here are some other agents and brokerages I would happily refer for their areas:

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