Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sell Your Home Quickly - Attain New Years Eve Goals Now

For many people starting a new year is all about a fresh new approach to life in hopes of improving certain areas and situations. Some seek to find better health, others to de-clutter and organize, while others look to attain financial goals.  For some homeowners this may take shape in the form of selling a home quickly to relieve some financial burdens.

There are many reasons that a homeowners would need to sell a home quickly, an unexpected illness leading to a large amount of mounting medical bills, loss of a job, divorce, inherited real estate that cannot be afforded, adjustable rate mortgage that is about to go up and unable to refinance, the need to move to a different area to be near an ailing loved one or take on a new job.  Whatever the reason for needing to sell a home quickly carrying a mortgage that is no longer affordable can quickly drain finances needed for other things and become an overwhelming burden. In this case you are looking to find a way to sell your home and sell it quickly.

When selling a home a home owner has a few different options. Selling traditionally with a real estate agent or selling on your own can take some time and effort however. There is the listing and the cleaning and the home showing and the waiting in hopes to see an offer come your way that will relieve you from your financial stress.

Selling to a cash buyer is a less burdensome option that can have your home sold in a matter of just weeks instead of months and have you ready to move on to a less stressful financial situation as the new year begins. In many cases a trustworthy cash buyer will make you an offer within a few days if not the very same day that you contact them. Be sure to do your homework and know you are working with a reputable home buyer.  With the right buyer you could have a fair all cash offer that will have your home sold and closed by February and ready to step forward to the next level of financial health.

There are many options out there no matter where you live. Most agents are here to make the home selling process easier and as hassle free as possible. Ethical agents will be up front and honest every step of the way on what it looks like to sell your home for cash.

For more information of what it looks like to sell your Nassau or Suffolk County home on Long Island or for Columbus Ohio real estate help and move on to attaining those 2015 financial goals contact Long Island Cash Home Buyer and our affiliates in Columbus Ohio real estate.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Year's Eve 2014 in Louisville

New Year's Eve 2014 in Louisville

Looking for a great way to close out 2014 and ring in 2015 in Louisville? Try one of these:

Cotton Club NYE 2015 in RIVUE Restaurant & Lounge
Celebrate New Year's Eve feeling high on life! And we mean high! You will be celebrating 25 stories up with spectacular views of Louisville, Southern Indiana and the Ohio River. Partake of an elegant dinner and dance the night away to a live band.
It all happens starting at 7PM on December 31, 2014. See here for more information.

New Year's Eve Live From the Plaza
Ring in the new year with class at the Crowne Plaza. This will be one of the most exclusive New Year's Eve bashes in all of Louisville!
Festivities begin at 8PM on December 31, 2014. See here for more information.

2015 NYE at Howl at the Moon Louisville
 This annual Howl at the Moon New Year's Eve party features live dueling piano music, dinner buffer, open bar and much more!
The party starts at 8PM on December 31, 2014. See here for more information.

Fourth Street NYE Live 2015
The new year's festivities at Fourth Street NYE are the largest in town. They will feature a ball drop at midnight, live music, balloon drops and a whole lot more!
It all starts at 8PM on December 31, 2014. See here for more information.

All-Inclusive New Year's Eve at Bearno's Downtown
This party at Bearno's features an open bar, all you can eat buffet, live music, DJ dance party and karaoke! It's a music lover's dream!
The party starts at 8:30PM on December 31, 2014. See here for more information.

Golden Age NYE 2015 at The Ice House
Join us at the Ice House in Downtown Louisville for an elegant celebration that features a live performance by the Endless Summer Band.
The party starts at 9PM on December 31, 2014. See here for more information.

For more on Louisville:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blogging in More Places Than One

Blogging in More Places Than One

I have a lot of clients whose websites allow for a blogging type of platform so either myself or the client blogs on a regular basis. So when you have a blogging platform or even an off-site blog that you consistently and constantly post to without any thought of posting anywhere else you can run the risk of having all of your back links come from one source or worse yet, only internally from your website.

This is way back links and blogging on other sources makes so much sense. Perhaps you don't have the necessary means to have your content shared on multiple platforms, especially if it's a localized post about a smaller community, but you do have the capability of blogging on outside sources and other high-quality sites.

This is the recent conversation I had with a client that wanted to broaden their blogging basis in order to gain more back links and more exposure for their content. Jay Lieberman, a real estate agent from AgouraHills California, wanted to expand his content marketing to more than just his website. For several years we have been creating content on a weekly basis and building out the site with community information and local subdivision details, but, this stays purely on-site and nobody would really link to it from other content sources unless it's a competitor, and then again, you probably won't get a competitor of thinking to you.

Because of this, we need to seek outside sources be it ActiveRain, another WordPress site, blogspot, or even some of the major real estate websites such as Zillow and Trulia and others that allow for agent blogging.

But it doesn't have to stop there; if you're looking to expand your blogging you can certainly request guest posts on other reputable websites. Especially if your real estate agent, you can seek out active realestate websites and blogs in other states in order to gain a back link. Make sure you are providing excellent, informative and quality content for the website in exchange for a link in that contents back to your own website. This also could be in the form of the signature at the end of the blog.

One good way of asking for guests posts is to simply ask about particular content that the website owner would like to have on their website and then write an article associated with that. It could save them time writing a new article on the topic and provide you with an excellent external back link.
Quality guest blogging is not extinct and done correctly can be a vital source of quality back links. However, you certainly don't want to take canned content, purchased content, or content from websites that might be a little shady in its dealings. This means that it helps to have a rapport with the website owner. You can do this by connecting on social media such as Google plus, LinkedIn or Facebook. Once you feel comfortable with the website owner you can ask if they are interested in having your content on their website. Don't be offended if they decline your offer but you might also ask if they have a specific topic for you to write about.

Should you have more than one website?

This brings up an interesting topic of multiple websites and blogs. WordPress is an excellent tool for managing multiple blogs but is it really worth it? I certainly wouldn't set up a whole new website simply to provide blogging back to your main website. Because the blog is a new website it won't have the authority that your original website carries thus it will not offer you the high quality back links are looking for. Too many of these low quality back links simply are discounted.

There are also a variety of places to blog that are not associated with real estate or one particular person. These would be in the form of tumbler accounts, newspaper blogs, and blogging that's allowed on social media. LinkedIn has several options for blogging and of course, you can certainly write a novel right on a Google plus post.

 The goal is to have a variety of back links from numerous sources, sites and quality locations. The more you have out there on quality sites the more your online presence expands and your website grows in authority.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Denver Real Estate - Updating a Website

We recently did some SEO work for Ian Armstrong who is a part of the Denver Real estate market. He has been working with his site for years and knows that he should update his site from time to time. Left neglected, links can be broken, images crashed and information out of date.

Unfortunately this is not uncommon in the real estate world. I mean, you have real estate to sell, right? Not fiddle with your website. The problem is, buyers, sellers and investors see your website as your calling card and not caring or keeping up with a site can be detrimental to your business.
80% and possibly more, buyers and sellers find real estate services online and search there first. If, when they find you, the site is sadly lacking in finesse and charm much less accurate information, those consumers may likely think your business in general is also lacking.

I can't tell you how many sites I have run across that just haven't been touched in 5+ years. And the thing is, with a site of that age it should be ranking well at this point. It depends on your competition of course, and Denver is quite a stiff competition. But if you bought a domain and a site 10 years ago and did nothing with it, some simple tweaking and updating could make all the difference in the world.

But I blog almost weekly!?

Well, that's great! Making sure you have up to date information is crucial but if the rest of the site that surrounds it is chocked full of outdated listings, broken links and damaged images it wont' matter what information you have on your blog, because consumers won't get that far. Have the front page be the dynamic umph you need to get people to explore further.

Also, make sure people know who you are and where you are. I've been to countless websites where I have no idea where this agent is in the world because nothing, not even their meta title tells me. I really have to hunt and if I have to get to the contact page to even see an address of an office, it's not doing it's job. Make sure that everyone that visits your site knows what you do, where you are and who you are within 5 seconds of staring at the first page.

Now, Ian wasn't this bad but he did take the steps needed to update the site and correct any SEO errors. By staying up to date and giving your site a good overhaul at least once a year you can make sure that consumers are finding what they need when they get to your site.

Thanks Ian for the business and this should give your site tune up it needed.
Be sure and check out Ian's site for information on all the Colorado communities around Denver, home prices and listings and general information on the Denver real estate market.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Best Real Estate Agent in Columbus Ohio

Ok, I don't know about the best but to me, Donald Payne and his team do an amazing job. With thousands of Facebook followers, a great social media campaign and the time he takes for clients no matter the budget, Don is the one to call. I have never met a more dedicated agent.

Last winter, Don calls me and asks about business. It was currently  2°  outside and yet he was traipsing through the snow showing property. Don said that it doesn't matter what the weather is doing, people still have to buy and sell houses. His dedication to his business and to his clients is more than simply a business relationship, it's personal. While many of my clients focus on high-end, luxury properties, or more expensive clients, Don focuses on the client regardless of the price. He doesn't  care if it's an $80,000 house or a $480,000 house, if the client needs any type of property in any particular range or needs to sell a house, Don gives them the same amount of attention and care.
To me, as a real estate marketer, this is highly important. I once worked with a real estate agent that gave a completely different level of service to someone buying or selling a $400,000 house and someone selling a $100,000 house. Yes, the commission is different, but the service needs to be the same. I remember hearing from the folks with the lower-priced home that they couldn't get their agent to call them back and they just didn't feel like he cared.

I certainly don't get that from Donald Payne.

Donald has been helping people in Columbus Ohio for years and with his team of family and friends, he focuses not only on getting buyers the right home to helping sellers regardless of their current financial situation. Don helps with people in short sale situations, foreclosures, or people that need to sell quickly and need a cash offer. Whether its investments, distressed borrowers, or high end luxury condominiums in downtown Columbus, Don does not discriminate.

So, even though I get paid to advertise for Donald Payne I don't always write blogs like this. I really do recommend and highly endorse Donald Payne with Vision Realty in Columbus Ohio. He served many different areas around the Columbus market including Lewis Center, Gahenna,  Worthington, and numerous other communities and smaller villages surrounding the main city. If you're moving to Columbus or you need a referral, don't hesitate to call Donald Payne with Vision Realty.

Learn more about Franklin County in Ohio


Reynoldsburg - Small Town Charm - Great schools, about 20 minutes to downtown
Worthington - Vintage and Historical - older homes and tight knit community
Clintonville -  Informal and Quaint yet great homes, new construction and established neighborhoods
Dublin - Covering three Counties north of Columbus about 30 minutes
Grove City - Comforts of Home as one of the best home towns so says the residents.
Lewis Center - One of the fastest growing communities in Franklin County and Ohio.
Westerville - Dry Capital of the World? You have to see for yourself what this means

Gahanna - Rich in History and Diversification with lots of community activities and events year round.
Marysville - 30 min north of Columbus, smaller town, new and established homes.
Pataskala - about 25 minutes east of Columbus, great golf and lots of parks - very wooded community with new home sites ready for custom building.
Pickerington - About 15 minutes from Columbus, lots of events and community involvement and a great place to build your dream home
Groveport - South of Columbus, great parks and recreation and very affordable homes
Canal Winchester - Southeast of Columbus, great festivals, great schools and lots of land.

Columbus Districts and Neighborhoods:

German Village - German Focused and One of Columbus' most popular - best events
Sycamore Hills - Social community and swim club - luxury and community in one.
Upper Arlington - College Town - History and Homes - condos, lofts and townhomes.
Hilliard - Home Town with Great Schools, new construction, older homes and great shops
Powell - Luxury community - hometown charm - larger homes
Whitehall - Small suburb with a big heart
Victorian Village - Historical community, diverse and eclectic, find your piece of history here.
Huber Ridge - Westerville's affordable neighborhood, great properties for sale.
The Arena District - Downtown's Loftiest Neighborhood, great bars, restaurants and more.
Harrison West - Historical, quaint and geared toward the green environment
Rolling Ridge - luxury homes just minutes from downtown
Forest Park - Purely Residential just north of Downtown. Older homes, affordable neighborhoods and lots of parks
Weinland Park - Columbus's Urban Community - parks, schools and tight neighborhood environment.
Blacklick Estates - The county's Mainliest City - find out how affordable it is to live here just 18 minutes from Columbus.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Garvin Gates Blues Festival Louisville Kentucky

The Garvin Gates Blues Festival

Four Roses Bourbon, The Garden Gate Neighborhood Association along with Councilman, David James, of the Louisville Metro Government present the 19th Garvin Gates Blues Festival beginning Friday, October 10th and continuing through Saturday, October 11th, 2014. They're so excited with anticipation, they even have a countdown ticker on their page.  Which, at the time of this blog post was at 20 days, 22 hours, 49 minutes and 22 seconds, 21, 20, 19.... You get the idea! It's COMING!!!
This festival is always held the second week of October on the streets of Historic Old Louisville. Historic Old Louisville is the largest Victorian preservation neighborhood in the USA. Since the festival began in 1988, many of the top names in BLUES have performed here.

Proceeds, sponsorships and vendor sales from this FREE event benefit the Garvin Gate Neighborhood and the Old Louisville Preservation Project.

During the festival, Oak Street and Garvin Place will be blocked off to traffic while the bands perform on two stages. In addition to the entertainment, food and drink , there will be over 50 craft booths. What makes this festival unique is that the booths are open late.

This event attracts large crowds, so it's asked that dogs stay at home. Additionally, nearby street parking is available on a first come first serve basis. Also, no coolers, cans or bottles should come into the festival area. Supporting the vendors by purchasing your food and drink through them is what makes this free event possible. image by ARTxFM labeled for Reuse

Want to learn more about what's happening in the Louisville area and what it's like to live here? Check out:

Long Island Foodies Make the Map

Long Island Foodies Make the Map at Open Table.com

Recently, Open Table just released its Top 100 Restaurants Fit for Foodies List. Open Table is a subsidiary of Priceline.com, that offers online real time restaurant reservation service. Their list is based on more than five million restaurant reviews submitted by the diners of Open Table for more than 19,000 restaurants across 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Two Long Island Restaurants made the list. Roots Bistro Gourmand in Suffolk County and  The Trattoria located in St. James on the north shore of Long Island. 

Roots Bistro Gourmand

Roots Bistro Gourmand describes themselves as a BISTRONOMIC RESTAURANT. They specialize in contemporary French cuisine. They're terming of bistronomic juxtaposes quality cuisine with humor and accessibility. Though high end, they do away with old world dress code, white table cloths, and tuxedoed servers. Instead, they replace these worn out ways with a lively and relaxed atmosphere. This eatery is a new way of doing things opened by young chefs with the best training.

The Trattoria

The Trattoria shares its own version of Italian American Cuisine. They pride themselves in sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients on the market and prepare them with Italian sensibility. The food is rustic and satisfying to the soul. The atmosphere here is relaxed and you can feel comfortable to come as you are and eat and drink what you wish. It's this kind of hospitality that keeps bringing people back to The Trattoria. Stu-spivack Flickr Image Credit

Come to Long Island and eat like a King! You won't regret it! For more information and a look into what it means to live, eat and play on Long Island, check out these links: