Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Time Homebuyers in Richmond Hill Georgia

First Time Homebuyers in Richmond Hill Georgia

Buying your first home can be intimidating and exciting. You may not know where to begin. Here's five tips to buying your first home in Richmond Hill.

1) Check the selling price of comparable homes in Richmond Hill and surrounding areas. Websites like Zillow can give you a general idea of what you should expect to pay. You could also possibly to a quick search on actual MLS listings your area on a number of websites. 

2) Get your financial house in order and see what you can afford. Use a mortgage calculator to see what your payment would be. Don't forget to configure what your total housing cost would be including taxes and homeowners insurance. To get an idea for the total amount you should spend, use a home affordability calculator. What you pay for your taxes and insurance escrow can almost double your mortgage payment in some areas. You can call a local insurance agent to get an estimate on what you'll pay for insurance. 

3) Look at your budget and decide how a house fits into it. Don't forget to consider closing costs! Fannie Mae recommends that buyers spend no more than 28% of their income on housing costs. You wouldn't want to become house poor. 

4) Look at the big picture. Owning a home can be a rewarding and great experience, but maintaining your property and taking pride in ownership can be hard work and costly. Over the years expect to pay for new appliances, roof repairs, plumbing problems and/or maintenance and more. Remember there's no landlord to turn to now. It's all you. If you believe you're ready for the expense then contact a lender and get pre approved. Next, 

5) Contact Randy Bocook and start the fun part! There's tons of styles of homes, and different cultures of neighborhoods to look at. Finally, things to consider are: is the potential neighborhood you're looking at appreciating? Is the home big enough to grow with you and your family? How's the job market? And are you close to your favorite hot spots?
Once you find your dream home, unpack and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Writing Real Estate - My Paid Passion - Google's Exception?

I write a lot about real estate not only because it’s my business but it’s my passion as well. I used to sell real estate and while and don’t really like the dynamics between real estate agents, the stress of homeowners or sellers and the amount of money I mistakenly gave away as a real estate agent, I do love to write about it and to market other real estate agents. In doing so it’s helped me learn a lot about SEO, online marketing, content marketing in writing as well as what Google likes and what they don’t like.

I’ve always try to stay above board and keep the highest level of integrity with what I write about and how I market it. I don’t like to spam people with post after post of nonsense but I do want to promote quality writing about information that I think someone would want to read. In my opinion, the whole point of writing something is so that someone will want to read it and the ultimate goal is to have them love it so much that they would want to share it or promote themselves. 

Google is looking for people that not only produce quality information but information that people are going to read, reread and share.

I write a lot of information about different parts of the country and even though I don’t live there I do take the time to research the most accurate information to provide my readers with regardless of who I’m writing for. Google recently has been discounting advertorials, a paid article with a link back to a website. Discounting is not necessarily penalizing but if they’re not counting it should we still be doing it? A lot of the information I put on this blog is localized information, real estate writing, or market reports for a variety of places all over the country. Google probably doesn’t know what to do with this blog since it’s not localized to one area or another. But, it is about real estate, real estate writing,  real estate SEO, and it’s for consumers and real estate agents alike. Whether someone’s looking for information on a certain event in a specific city or they want to learn how to write about real estate, I want to provide accurate information that I am passionate about and from my heart.

In doing this I promote a lot of my clients. I'll write information on local events for their area, talk about how great I think they are, or simply refer them as a good resource in a particular town or city. I honestly only work with people that I would enjoy doing business with. I have fired people before and I’ve refused to work with certain individuals because I don’t agree with the way they do business or how they treat people. So anything you find on my website, my blog or my social media is truth, accurate and is information from my heart.
I work with a lot of different real estate agents from a lot of different backgrounds all at different levels of online marketing. Some people like Joe Hayden in the Louisville Kentucky area who does all his own on-site blogging; He has a passion for the Louisville area and writes every single day about events, activities, market reports and neighborhoods. I have other people that prefer completely off-site marketing like Amanda Howard in Huntsville Alabama. She lets me focus on online marketing while her team and her focus on selling real estate in Huntsville.

So, Google, you’re looking for content that people are passionate about? Well, in my opinion, getting paid to do something you are passionate about is the irony and the exception to the rule of what you’re looking for. I get paid to write about real estate. I love it, I love learning about new places, and I love marketing other people and businesses. So will the links in this post get discounted? That’s the beauty of SEO - it’s all best guess anyway.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nanaimo August Events

Nanaimo August Events

Nanaimo has brought you great events this fabulous summer of 2013 so far. June's Dragon Boat Festival and July's Marine Festival and Bathtub Race were big hits as always. Hopefully, you were able to make it out to those events and if not, they're annual! So, mark your calendars for next year! However, summer is not yet over and Nanaimo events in August are here to prove it! Check out what's happening: 

Free Concerts in the Park every Sunday through August at Maffeo-Sutton Park at the Lions Band Shell. 

Cemetery Strolls every Thursday night you can enjoy a guided tour through the local cemetery and hear great stories from the locals. Contact the Nanaimo Museum for more information. 

Symphony in the Harbor is held every August with the Vancouver Island Symphony presenting a free outdoor concert in the new band shell located in Maffeo-Sutton Park.

Chowder Fest Cook Off  is an annual event held during the first week of August. Come experience the best bowl in Nanaimo!

Vancouver Island Exhibition is the third week in August. This fair started over 100 years ago and is now an annual event to advance the education of agriculture and to show case local farmers and 4-H clubs. There are some professionals showing at the fairs, but it's always the children that are really impressive. 

A hot bowl of local chowder and a scary stroll through the cemetery taking in the history of Nanaimo sounds like a pretty good day! If it sounds that way to you too, and you'd like more information on playing and living in Nanaimo, contact NanaimoRealEstate4Sale.com.