Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Do I Accept Credit Cards for my Direct Sales Business?

Accepting Credit Cards for your Direct Sales Business is Easy!

If you own your own direct sales business, you are already aware that doing business on the front lines is full of challenges. You need an edge to get ahead of the others who crowd your market.  What can you do to stand out?  Take a swipe at better customer service and accept credit cards.

That's right. Even if your business is selling brooms from your car trunk, you can take plastic to seal the deal.  These days, there are credit card apps for mobile phones, wireless card swipe machines and a multitude of other services that allow you to up your sales simply by allowing your customer to pay in plastic.

Imagine that moment at a home party when one of the guests finally gets why your product is the latest, greatest product ever. You see the look in his eye. He's ready to sell the farm to buy in but realizes that he doesn't have the cash in his wallet.  “No problem!” you declare.  “I take credit cards.” 

The look on his face is obvious. He knows this is his night. You are his link to that thing he's always wanted and you just made it easy.  Not only do you have the sale, you have the customer. He will never forget how you helped him get what he wanted most. 

For a small business owner, this is the moment you strive for!  Not only did you close the sale, you won the customer, all by transforming his purchase from a want to a reality.  Not bad! You've got what it takes to make it in the dog eat dog business world!

Sound good?  Here's what you do to make it a reality. Shop around. Compare services. Compare costs and then take the plunge. Most credit card processors can get you going in just a day or two. There should be no fees involved in creating your account and most reputable processors offer a variety of ways for you to get your hands on a credit card machine.

So what are you waiting for? You can be offering better customer service in no time!
Contact for affordable help for all credit card machine merchant services. 1-800-896-6501

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Davis Bacon by State

Davis-Bacon wages are the minimum wages that can be paid to people working on federal and government projects. This is an act that was passed in 1931 in order to prevent these projects from driving down the wages on private construction projects in the same area. This wages determined by the Sec. of labor and calculates the prevailing wages for different classes of contractors. they determined this by surveying contractors across the country and setting forth specific wages for each county in each state.

 To find out what the prevailing wages in your county it's best to discuss this with the Davis-Bacon professional. If you're interested in hiring employees under a government contracted jobs or for a federal project this is going to be highly'll need to know what your county charges before you set up the project. You'll do this by contacting a Davis-Bacon prevailing wage provider. because there are dozens of websites and lots of confusing information the best thing to do would be to contact someone that works with Davis-Bacon and find out directly what the prevailing wage is in your County. Specific jobs and positions will be defined first and the median per hour earnings will be determined for each of these positions.

Prevailing wage rates may also take into account the benefits that go along with the position and potential overtime pay. if you are considering being hired on for a government position or a federal project you can determine the approximate average earnings of a professional in a specific field within a certain location to keep up with the law. Comparing these prevailing wages will help you to discover where your positions most successful and in which location.

For exact rates on specific earnings contact a Davis-Bacon provider:
Contact Information:
15600 Redmond Way #203
Redmond, WA 98052

Phone: (425) 889-8855 ext 1
Fax: (425) 827-1987

Should I buy or rent a home if I'm relocating to a military base?

Should I buy or rent a home if I'm relocating to a military base?

 The choice of buying or renting or even living on-base may be in your future if you're considering relocating. Considering may be not even the right word since it's typically a requirement to relocate every 18 to 24 months for some military personnel. But when you do relocate is it smarter to buy or rent? And if you rent should you just simply settle for on-base housing?

While many first time GIs or single military personnel may choose to live on base because of the ease and the low-cost of living, those that relocate with their family may feel they need a larger home off-base. The decision now rests whether they should rent or buy.

Buying in this economy is not necessarily a bad move even if you have to relocate in a couple years. Depending on aware your moving to or from you may be allowed to stay in one area for longer increasing the chances of purchasing a home rather than renting. Finding homes near military bases is easy when you have a good agent that optimizes the website as such. Real estate agents are often promoting specific landing pages such as homes near Fort Stewart, houses for sale near Fort Campbell, etc. 

This can often help folks find exactly the right home near a certain bases entrance and possibly get special military discounts on the landing pages. Agents that don't optimize their landing pages for this specific type of search are not going to get these military relocation buyers. Often times agents may not even consider assisting military personnel due to the fact that many simply settle for on-base housing.

Renting may be an option if there are homes for rent near a military base. While this situation provides less inventory then homes for sale, it is an option in many areas of the country. Several track home neighborhoods and communities are perfect for investors to purchase and rent due to the increase of military personnel in the area. This is the next opportunity for those that are looking to purchase homes and turn them into rental investments.

So whether you are moving to purchase a home near military base or you're buying a home to rent out to those relocating to and from the area, buying a home near a military base is a smart move. Even if you are military personnel and you choose to purchase a home, later you may rent it out to other military families and discovered this is an excellent source of income.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How Do I Avoid Foreclosure and Keep My Home?

What are my alternatives if I am facing foreclosure?

So, you haven't made your mortgage payment this month. Maybe you haven't made it for the last couple of months. Times are getting tough and your financial situation is making you nervous. You don't want to lose your home and you certainly don't want to deal with foreclosure. You've heard about a short sale but that's still selling your home. What are your alternatives if you don't want to get rid of your home?

There are variety of loan modifications that can be made between you and your lender. One of them is mortgage modification.

Mortgage modification is a negotiation between you and your lender to revise terms on your mortgage loan and keep you in the home. Most lenders want you to keep your home so they're willing to work with you and negotiate a strategy for you paying off your mortgage in a different way. Typically the terms of your mortgage will be modified outside the original terms of the contract to make it easier for you to make those payments. The types of modification may include a reduction in your interest rate or a reduction in the principal itself. Lenders may eliminate late fees and other penalties and lengthen the long term. They may cap the monthly payment to a percentage of your household income or put you on a mortgage forbearance program.

Another option may just be to refinance your home. Your lender may agree that your interest rate is too high and by lowering it with the refinance program will allow you to skip a payment during that time. This may give you ample time to make up the difference and save for lower mortgage payment.
There is also the HAMP (home affordable modification program) which is a federal program set up to help eligible homeowners with loan modifications on their mortgage debt. It is the answer for the ongoing subprime mortgage crisis that was rampant in the mid-2000s. This allows several lenders, investors, and mortgage servicers to create a standard loan modification guideline when evaluating a borrower for potential loan modification.

As a possible final option you could choose bankruptcy but owning a home and claiming bankruptcy can be tricky. The best thing to do in this case would be to enlist the help of a foreclosure and mortgage mediation group such as the Advantage Legal Group in Bellevue Washington. They've helped thousands of Western Washington homeowners either keep their home or get out of debt with dignity.

There are options if you want to stay in your home but you have to act right away if you have missed a mortgage payment. The longer you wait the less likely it will be for you to keep your home.