Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Do I Accept Credit Cards for my Direct Sales Business?

Accepting Credit Cards for your Direct Sales Business is Easy!

If you own your own direct sales business, you are already aware that doing business on the front lines is full of challenges. You need an edge to get ahead of the others who crowd your market.  What can you do to stand out?  Take a swipe at better customer service and accept credit cards.

That's right. Even if your business is selling brooms from your car trunk, you can take plastic to seal the deal.  These days, there are credit card apps for mobile phones, wireless card swipe machines and a multitude of other services that allow you to up your sales simply by allowing your customer to pay in plastic.

Imagine that moment at a home party when one of the guests finally gets why your product is the latest, greatest product ever. You see the look in his eye. He's ready to sell the farm to buy in but realizes that he doesn't have the cash in his wallet.  “No problem!” you declare.  “I take credit cards.” 

The look on his face is obvious. He knows this is his night. You are his link to that thing he's always wanted and you just made it easy.  Not only do you have the sale, you have the customer. He will never forget how you helped him get what he wanted most. 

For a small business owner, this is the moment you strive for!  Not only did you close the sale, you won the customer, all by transforming his purchase from a want to a reality.  Not bad! You've got what it takes to make it in the dog eat dog business world!

Sound good?  Here's what you do to make it a reality. Shop around. Compare services. Compare costs and then take the plunge. Most credit card processors can get you going in just a day or two. There should be no fees involved in creating your account and most reputable processors offer a variety of ways for you to get your hands on a credit card machine.

So what are you waiting for? You can be offering better customer service in no time!
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