Friday, December 9, 2011

Financing your Retirement in Sedona Arizona

Learn how to retire and live comfortably in Sedona

Sedona Arizona is quickly becoming a one stop destination for retirees all over the country. Even those from Canada are looking for the perfect place to kick up their shoes and settle in down in the Sedona desert. Why? Because the warm, dry air is not only perfect for just about any activity but it just feels great on your skin, in your hair and in your lungs.

Folks are finding themselves drawn to the Sedona real estate market right now because of the great deals, super savings and low investment costs. Many folks are not even finding the need to finance real estate in Sedona because of the low prices, easy living and savings they have already built up. But what about those that want to finance a home in Sedona? Can it be done without all the hassles? What about selling a home at their current location before or after they have already purchased Sedona property?  There are many options for those retiring in Sedona and the best way to get started is find an agent and lender you trust and feel comfortable with to walk you through the steps. This can be a local Sedona Realtor and many times they will have finance advisers for you to talk to as well.

If you are planning on a joint residency meaning half the year in Sedona and half where you are currently there are many options for these vacation homes in Sedona. There are adult communities that specialize in snow birds and retirees and this is a great  position to be in for meeting others just like you.

If you are planning a permanent residency in Sedona, there are wonderful communities that embrace those retiring here with as little or as much assistance as needed. Are you thinking of finding a home that you can tend and care for yourself? Perhaps a community where the landscape and grounds are maintained by a  home owners association? Maybe you want to have everything done for you in which case there are amazing communities where meals are provided, house keeping is taken care of and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. There are many neighborhoods that provide weekly and monthly excursions and tours around the area and some associations offer annual trips and vacations all over the world.

If you are planning to finance your home, you will need to discuss your options with your financial advisor. If you currently don't have one, there are many in the Sedona area that specialize in helping those wanting to retire in the area. They know what the need will be and can devise a plan for your retirement.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a Sedona Realtor now to get started on finding the perfect spot to retire in Sedona.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finding, Appraising and Financing Land in Yakima Washington

Finding, Appraising and Financing Land in Yakima Washington

Yakima Washington offers a little something for everyone searching out property or real estate in the area. From small country homes to large Yakima vineyards and farms, most buyers can find exactly what they're looking for.

But what about a company that does it all? Is it legal to provide buyers with the financing and the appraisal of large parcels of land or farms? It all depends on the set up and the local laws. Companies like Clark Jennings in Yakima and Pasco Washington offer their clients a full service real estate company with appraisals for large parcels and ranches, to financing and of course real estate services for purchasing.

Knowing whom to trust in this economy can be tricky. Finding and buying land in Yakima takes the know-how of a skilled agent and now one that is just new to the market. Not knowing the current housing market when buying and appraising land can really cost you time and money.... lots of money. Using a dedicated broker that knows the market you are specifically looking in can really cut the nonsense and wasted time in negotiations and simply finding the right property.

Appraising farms in Yakima is also not an easy task. Appraising large parcels of land, ranches, vineyards, row crop operations and orchards takes the seasoned skill and expertise of someone that has done it for years. Appraising is not something you simply learn although continuing education is a requirement. Appraising takes the experience of years in the field, knowing the market, knowing the buyers and of course knowing the value. Clark Jennings has dedicated appraisers that not only do it right, but can help you obtain the right financing for the property.

Financing large properties in Yakima is not an easy task either. There are many more restrictions and requirements for those looking to finance vineyards, working farms, orchards or ranches. There is typically more required as a down payment than on residential properties. Many times lenders will want to know how the property will be used if for commercial or personal. If for commercial, the lender will want to know the future of the property and if any money is to be made on the property.

Finding, appraising and financing land, ranches or vineyards in Yakima is a big undertaking but with the right company handling all the necessary details, you can be sure your transaction will flow smoothly and be closed on time. Contact Clark Jennings today at 509-547-9751 - or email them