Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Choose a Landscaper

How to Choose a Landscaper

Your yards landscape is the first impression people in will see when they come to your home.  You want to have that special “curb appeal” that draws people to your home and dramatically increases the value of your home.  Whether your home needs maintenance, a major landscape design change, or something in between, choosing a landscaper will help you in move forward to your ideal design goals.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Best Neighborhoods in Washington DC

While this is purely subjective, there are some beautiful neighborhood, communities and suburbs all over the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area.

Let's start with Washington DC;
There are dozens of neighborhoods and suburbs around Washington DC starting with Capitol Hill and moving outward. For a more detailed and lengthy description of any of these neighborhoods and communities listed in this blog please click on the link which will take you to the website “where to live in
Capitol Hill/Old City #1 - this is really the heart of it all as our nation's capital. The most prestigious homes and residents reside here and many of the homes overlook the national Mall with historical buildings as a backdrop.
16th Street Heights - this is an older neighborhood beginning in 1910 with the majority of the homes built in the 20s and 30s. There's a delightful mix of architecture and apartment buildings including Tudors and standalone homes.
American University Park - this beautiful community is filled with many single-family homes with tall ceilings and colonial style buildings. If located on the Maryland border and is founded by Massachusetts Wisconsin Nebraska and western avenues.
Adams Morgan- this community and neighborhood is more of a college district with coffee houses and nightclubs as well of eclectic shops and artist galleries. This area has a lot of lofts and apartments.
Brightwood- this suburbans in the Northwest quadrant of DC and is filled with many well-maintained duplexes, detached bungalows, colonials and DC famous row houses.
Brookland - this neighborhood was developed in the 1950s and is filled with Civil War era forth and landmarks as well as historical sites and buildings.
Chevy Chase - nestled on the border of DC and Maryland this neighborhood includes a variety of sub neighborhoods such as Friendship Heights, the village, Somerset, new Hamlet, and others and was developed in the late 1890s
Columbia Heights - home to many department store chains and a great suburb to later routes down, this area has high-priced townhomes and condos as well is single-family houses.
Dupont Circle - as one of the more affluent areas around Washington DC, Dupont Circle is in the heart of DC's nightlife.
Eckington - this is a smaller community with quaint historical homes and small businesses.
Georgetown - Georgetown offers upscale condominiums and college town apartments and many rowhouses which is a standard in the Washington DC area.
Kalorama - offering urban flair an exceptional value, this neighborhood is full of rowhouses, condominiums, and several homes with unique and unusual view.
Ledroit Park - this is an eclectic neighborhood with colorful buildings, architectural design of row houses, and affordable housing for middle income families.
Logan Circle - sitting in the Northwest quadrant of Washington DC, Logan Circle is experience in urban renaissance with many buildings undergoing renovations and updates. Here you will find the traditional row house that is so common in the Washington DC area.
Mount Pleasant -  this beautiful community offers a great backdrop of eclectic and colorful buildings and architectural masterpieces.
Palisades - the Palisades is a one-of-a-kind neighborhood running along the Potomac River from the edge of Georgetown University to the District of Columbia.
Petworth - known for its brick row houses constructed in the 1920s and 30s, Petworth is located in the northwest quadrant of DC.
Shaw/Old City #2 -  this area running along Florida Avenue is a combination of commercial and residential neighborhoods and streets with beautiful Victorian rowhouses next to Howard University.
Shepherd Park - Shepherd Park is a beautiful community with upper class homes and single detached houses throughout each neighborhood.
Takoma Park - this popular area defines diversity and complements the growth of the area with a single detached homes built in the mid to early 1920s.
Woodley Park - a beautiful and culturally diverse neighborhood, Woodley Park features hotels, zoos, condominiums and brick homes.
This is just a sampling of some of the more popular residential neighborhoods around Washington DC. Be sure to visit Djana Morris for more on where to live in Washington DC.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Best Way to Blog

The Best Way to Blog

If you're starting a blog or you just want to update your existing blog or give it a good facelift there certain things to know before you head out into the blogging world. 

First of all, what you want to accomplish with this blog? Are you blogging for monetary reasons or simply to get your thoughts out there? Are you blogging for information, supplying people with information that could be useful and helpful or are you simply using it as a platform to vent and let your creative juices flow?


Whatever your blogging reason is there are certain ways to get it to be found and in front of the people you really want to see it. Depending on the topic that you want to discuss, you will want to build your categories and your tags around a certain niche. If you're too all over the board the search engines have no idea where to categories you and therefore it's difficult for you to come up for anything on the search engines. If you're more specific about a topic or the entire blog is going to be about real estate worth going to be about cooking were going to be about outdoor activity, whatever it is try to make at least 60 to 70% of each blog post about that topic. It's okay to throw in other random topics and posts that are not about the main topic, but you want the majority of your post to be about the specific topic that you want to cover.


Once you know the topic you want to make sure the blog is set up correctly with the right name title, description, and meta-keywords for the homepage. If you're talking about a specific area such as Orlando Florida  or Louisville Kentucky you may want to put that in the main title of your home page. If you're not local and you want to appeal to everybody across the country and the world then you want to put the main topic of whatever it is in your title such as food, recipes, cooking if you're mainly discussing those types of topics. If you're discussing business such as commercial or industrial topics that can be handled all online then you will want to include that in the title as well. Remember, Google and other search engines will also use tags and keywords in your description to better assist people searching for whatever it is that you are talking about so make sure that your keywords and topics are also in your description. Depending on the type of platform you have this may be in the user profile or tools section.


Once you have the basic premise of what the blog is going to be about then you'll need to make sure that your pages and your menu is laid out in such a way that's not confusing or too loud and noisy for your readers. If they have to struggle too long to look for the topics they want to read about they may find themselves clicking away and finding some other site. You want to keep people on your site as long as possible and to do that you need to give them an easy and navigable menu. You may also want the menu to change or have it be dynamic depending on the topic that they are on; for instance, if you're discussing real estate buyers and then you'll want more topics for buyers on that page such as applying for him home loan or mortgage, tips to buying, a search field etc. and the same goes with the sellers or any other topic that you're discussing. If you're talking about outdoor activities such as paintball is or laser tag and you want to use other menus and other topics on that page to direct people to more information about the same topic.


After you have the layout and design the way that you want you want to start adding blog posts and social media. Make sure that all your social media is easily accessible on each blog post so you can put this on the sidebar or have it at the top of each blog post for people to also share on their social media. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to share and like your information because the more people like it and share it the more you will get noticed by the big search engines like Google.


Blogging is not difficult but it does take some finesse to get readers interested. You want to evoke some sort of the motion so that they must read more. If you're a landscaper and you're talking about landscaping than talk about why someone would need a specific type of landscaper or a design that appeals to the eye. Give them a teaser title or link with in the content that makes them want to know more, click on the link, and go to more posts about that topic. Remember, you're trying to keep them on the page as long as possible. Let's say you have a blog about transmissions; you want to find out why someone would want to read about transmissions, start a conversation or ask some questions that engage your readers, and start the discussion through the comments.

Regardless of what your blog is about, and he can be about anything from tattoos to legal issues and everywhere in between, you need to find out the reason behind the blog, why you are writing, who you want to target, and keep them on the page by trying out their emotions in content and through clickable links throughout the text. (Most of the links in this post are to great blog examples)
Get out there and have fun blogging.