Friday, March 29, 2013

Discover Richmond Hill Georgia

Richmond Hill Southern Charm and Natural Wonder

 Just outside of Savannah, Georgia is the lovely community of Richmond Hill. This is a family oriented community with a great sense of both our past and our future. With a population of a little more than 20,000 people, Richmond Hill possesses a certain mystique that is reflected in its beautiful scenery as much as its friendly people.

Here people find a thriving business community, wonderful schools and countless outdoor activities to enjoy. The fishing is great and whether you whip up your own or enjoy a great seafood dish at one of the areas great restaurants, you are sure to enjoy the best nature has to offer!

One of the best kept secrets in Richmond Hill is Ossabaw Island. As part of Georgia’s barrier islands, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources provides educational opportunities as well as managing hunts for feral hogs and seasonal deer hunts. The island’s 13 miles of natural, undeveloped beaches offer the public incredible opportunities to explore and enjoy nature. 

Accessible only by boat, Ossabaw Island boasts an incredible 26,000 acres of maritime forest, wide Atlantic Ocean beaches, tidal wetlands and a glimpse into the incredible Georgia ecosystem that is not to be matched anywhere in the state. 

Imagine spending a day witnessing the beauty of nature. Here nests the endangered wood stork. You can often see loggerhead turtles and an unspoiled beauty that often inspires visitors to put pen to paper or brush to canvas. 
It is all here, from a thriving business community to nature parks, from antique stores to kitsch boutiques. Richmond Hill is the perfect place to call home.

Whether you are attracted to antique hunting or you appreciate our unique heritage and architecture, Richmond Hill offers relief from the congestion of the big city. Richmond Hill also offers a variety of hometown restaurants for an assortment of appetites and safe lodging for those desiring an extended stay. 

It is hard to imagine that all this is available to you just 20 minutes south of Savannah. Many fortunate folks discover Richmond Hill on a day trip and choose to stay for a lifetime. Why not? With a median home price of just $200,400, Richmond Hill offers home owners incredible value and unequaled access to the natural beauty of Georgia’s coast.

Randy Bocook and the team at Keller Williams Richmond Hill Realty can provide you with the information you need to purchase just the right home at just the right price. Call them today. Turtle Photo by ukanda Sign by Ebyabe

Monday, March 25, 2013

St. Matthews KY Homes

Homes and Real Estate Information for St. Matthews Kentucky

St. Matthews is the 20th largest city in the state of Kentucky and is home to about 17,000 residents. It’s just 15 minutes east of downtown Louisville and is considered one of the more popular suburbs with parks, golf courses, fantastic schools and two hospitals.

Although originally a small community of Louisville, it became its own town around 1905 but growth of the area really happened after 1937 when the Ohio River flood caused many families to leave the low-lying grounds of Louisville and move to the higher grounds of St. Matthews. This spurned the Mall St. Matthews, Louisville’s first indoor shopping mall, residential neighborhoods and schools.

The neighborhoods in and around St. Matthews include Bellewood, Brownsboro Village, Broad Fields, Cherokee Gardens, Maryhill Estates and Windy Hills but there are also several enclaves within St. Matthews including Richlawn and Norbourne Estates.  

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The Shopping

The Mall St. Matthews is located in the heart of St. Matthews nestled up against I264. It’s surrounded by residential neighborhoods and easily accessible along Shelbyville Road and the freeway. This mall offers something for everyone from The Cheesecake Factory to the tried-and-true flavors of Auntie Anne’s pretzels and Cinnabon. There’s always something going on at the mall whether its Christmas time and photos with Santa or Easter egg hunts come springtime. Dillards is the main department store at the mall but they also have Forever 21 and JCPennys in addition to Abercrombie and Fitch, Brookstone, chocolate stores, gift centers and gaming stores.

But all along Shelbyville Road are several caf├ęs, coffee shops, boutiques, salons, and fine dining restaurants in addition to marketing grocery stores. This is truly a full-service community outside of Louisville.

The Homes


There are several residential neighborhoods with beautiful homes for sale in St. Matthews. The average home price is around $250,000 but there are several homes well above this and several below.  St. Matthews also has a great collection of vintage historical ones as well. Home prices in the $390,000 to $425,000 range are typically over 3000 ft.² 3 to 5 bedrooms. In the $200,000-$250,000 range you can find beautiful brick homes and several vintage or historical homes for around 2000 ft.² with three or four bedrooms.

To learn more about the fantastic city of St. Matthews near Louisville Kentucky fill free to visit the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team. They not only know this area but all of the subdivisions, communities, and towns surrounding Louisville Kentucky.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mortgage Brokers in San Diego and Los Angeles

One of the Best Home Loan Officers in California

 If you’re currently looking for a mortgage broker or loan officer  anywhere in the state of California let me introduce you to Maya Swamy. Maya is an expert in home loans and mortgage programs for first-time home buyers, refinances, investors and more. Her website offers dozens of articles and valuable information for first-time home buyers with program assistance and mortgage help. Because she knows California home loans, Maya specializes in distressed home buyers and finding the right assistance programs for down payment and closing costs.

The California home buyers fund offers dozens of programs specifically designed for individual home buyers that primarily occupy the primary residence. Many of these programs offer home buyers a .5% down payment on a home with a 3% grant for the remainder of the down payment. This 3% grant can cover closing costs or the down payment and is ideal for an FHA or VA loan.

Maya has a deep desire to help folks find exactly what they’re looking for and get their financial situation on the right track. There are several income requirements and purchase price requirements for a variety of programs dedicated to California home buyers. Because of the amount of programs and options available to investors, home buyers and first-time buyers, it’s best to contact Maya directly. She can determine the best program to meet your needs. Let her know how much you have in reserves and she will determine the best program for you. Many programs even offer a zero prepayment schedule so long as the home buyer stays in the home. Many of these secondary loans are ideal for first-time buyers due to the fact that they have zero interest or very low interest and need not be repaid until the home sells.

Here’s a variety of some of the best articles and information that Maya provides:

For more information simply contact Maya at any time at 323-230-9775 or email her at Visit her website to learn more about the options and programs available to first-time home buyers and investors.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Savannah's Music Festival

Springtime Brings Music to Savannah!

Springtime is incredible in Savannah, Georgia! Even though we do not have a harsh winter, there is still a sense of excitement in the air when people begin to see springtime in the offing! Perhaps that is because folks around here know that March and April erupt into an array of colors and sounds.

Sounds? That's right, springtime in Savannah means it is time to hear the best music in Georgia at the The Savannah Music Festival. This year, the festival will take place from March 20-April 6 and will feature an amazing group of performers who bring music, dance and art to the streets and music halls of Savannah.

The Savannah Music Festival dedicates itself to presenting world-class music and entertainment that creates timeless and adventurous productions that foster arts education, economic growth, and creates a bond between artists and audiences in Savannah. Not only is it one of the largest musical arts events in Georgia, it is one of the most distinctive cross-genre music gatherings anywhere in the world.

Whether you love American Folk and Traditional music, Chamber and Symphonic concerts or International music you will love The Savannah Music Festival!  Still not your cup of tea? Don't worry! You can also find Jazz, the Blues and Cabaret music in multiple venues.  If you prefer rock, Rhythm and Blues or Pop, you won't be disappointed! It's all here!

The venues are as diverse as the music and entertainment.  Whether you attend an event at the Charles H. Morris Center, Johnny Mercer Theatre, River Street and the Rousakis Plaza or spend a reflective evening at the Temple Mickve Israel, you are sure to enjoy the time you invest in your musical edification! Additional venues include Christ Episcopal Church, Lucas Theatre for the Arts, Ships of the Sea Northern Garden and Trinity United Methodist Church.

Some of the great acts appearing include: Steep Canyon Rangers, Charles Bradley, Cameron Carpenter, Daniel Hope and Friends, Old Crow Medicine Show, Zydeco Dance Party, Lil Wayne and Same Ol' 2 Step. The program is so extensive, there is no way to list all of the artists and acts here, but you can find a complete listing at the Savannah Music Festival's website.

Like Savannah itself, The Savannah Music Festival is diverse and colorful.  It is an opportunity to celebrate distinctive traditions and come together as a community. However, in the end, it is a celebration of Savannah's incredible spring! For more on Savannah Visit