Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blogging in More Places Than One

Blogging in More Places Than One

I have a lot of clients whose websites allow for a blogging type of platform so either myself or the client blogs on a regular basis. So when you have a blogging platform or even an off-site blog that you consistently and constantly post to without any thought of posting anywhere else you can run the risk of having all of your back links come from one source or worse yet, only internally from your website.

This is way back links and blogging on other sources makes so much sense. Perhaps you don't have the necessary means to have your content shared on multiple platforms, especially if it's a localized post about a smaller community, but you do have the capability of blogging on outside sources and other high-quality sites.

This is the recent conversation I had with a client that wanted to broaden their blogging basis in order to gain more back links and more exposure for their content. Jay Lieberman, a real estate agent from AgouraHills California, wanted to expand his content marketing to more than just his website. For several years we have been creating content on a weekly basis and building out the site with community information and local subdivision details, but, this stays purely on-site and nobody would really link to it from other content sources unless it's a competitor, and then again, you probably won't get a competitor of thinking to you.

Because of this, we need to seek outside sources be it ActiveRain, another WordPress site, blogspot, or even some of the major real estate websites such as Zillow and Trulia and others that allow for agent blogging.

But it doesn't have to stop there; if you're looking to expand your blogging you can certainly request guest posts on other reputable websites. Especially if your real estate agent, you can seek out active realestate websites and blogs in other states in order to gain a back link. Make sure you are providing excellent, informative and quality content for the website in exchange for a link in that contents back to your own website. This also could be in the form of the signature at the end of the blog.

One good way of asking for guests posts is to simply ask about particular content that the website owner would like to have on their website and then write an article associated with that. It could save them time writing a new article on the topic and provide you with an excellent external back link.
Quality guest blogging is not extinct and done correctly can be a vital source of quality back links. However, you certainly don't want to take canned content, purchased content, or content from websites that might be a little shady in its dealings. This means that it helps to have a rapport with the website owner. You can do this by connecting on social media such as Google plus, LinkedIn or Facebook. Once you feel comfortable with the website owner you can ask if they are interested in having your content on their website. Don't be offended if they decline your offer but you might also ask if they have a specific topic for you to write about.

Should you have more than one website?

This brings up an interesting topic of multiple websites and blogs. WordPress is an excellent tool for managing multiple blogs but is it really worth it? I certainly wouldn't set up a whole new website simply to provide blogging back to your main website. Because the blog is a new website it won't have the authority that your original website carries thus it will not offer you the high quality back links are looking for. Too many of these low quality back links simply are discounted.

There are also a variety of places to blog that are not associated with real estate or one particular person. These would be in the form of tumbler accounts, newspaper blogs, and blogging that's allowed on social media. LinkedIn has several options for blogging and of course, you can certainly write a novel right on a Google plus post.

 The goal is to have a variety of back links from numerous sources, sites and quality locations. The more you have out there on quality sites the more your online presence expands and your website grows in authority.

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