Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Find a Local Fairbanks Real Estate Agent

Using a local agent for any place is a smarter idea then just going with someone because they need the money or it's your cousin's best friend, yada yada....
Using a dedicated local real estate agent for whatever you need whether it be buying, selling or investing is just smart investment of your money.

Would you trust $100K to a stocks broker that may not know your stock? I doubt it. Consider this the same. Wes Madden and his team are Fairbanks locals. They grew up in the area, know the area, play and live in the area. Who better to help you buy or sell in the Fairbanks real estate area then the Wes Madden team?

Not just using local demographically but using specific skill based agents for your special purchase or sale. Are you selling as a short sale or trusting a bank with a foreclosure? All of these transactions entail intricate laws, regulations and rules that must be strictly followed. Not knowing the ins and outs of the type of transaction can not only cost you out of pocket expenses but time, energy and possible lawsuits by not following certain guidelines.

What about buying these types of homes? Multi-plexes? Condos? Vacant Land or other unique properties? Having the right agent that not only knows the area but the type of property you are buying OR selling can make for a better transaction. These agents know what buyers and sellers are doing in the current market and can help price or negotiate for the best terms at the best possible price that the market will bear.

Can a local Fairbanks real estate agent actually save you money? On average using a real estate professional in general can save $1,000 - $10,000 per transaction. This could be for the buyer or the seller. The buyer in not having to pay as much for the home and the seller for pricing it right to begin with.

So who you want helping you facilitate the right Fairbanks home? Wes Madden and the Madden Real Estate Team. Contact them anytime - Start a Faribanks Property Search or get in touch with an agent today! 907-452-3000 -

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