Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Emotional Home Buyers - No Cause for Bloggers Block

I always thought "writers block" meant you had a cramp in your hand. That was until I starting writing and realized it's a mind block. Although many do get cramps from writing... and now carpal tunnel from typing. But what about bloggers block? Is there such a thing? I guess it all depends on what you consider a block from blogging really is.

I write for real estate websites and sometimes I feel I have just written the same things 100 different ways. And then I talk to someone with just a smidgen of real estate experience and realize there is always something to talk about.

Sure we may end up saying the same thing occasionally that others have said in the past but this time it's in our own words and experience. How we perceive something may be completely different than another's. How we deal and react to something is going to be different as well.

I just spoke with my good friends buying their first house. They have been looking at homes over the last month and found some they really like. The issue is emotion. One thing they didn't expect in this process is the emotions of getting attached to a home they can't have. This is not to say they can't afford it but someone else may have come in behind them and offered more or a better offer in the mean time.

Buying a home can mean lots of emotions from excited, scared, nervous, anxious, mad, upset, hurt and disappointed... and quite possibly all in one transaction! Buying is not an easy process no matter what anyone tells you. If you have had a great experience you are one of the lucky ones. I'm not saying it has to be hell or anything but you have to consider this as a business deal, not the home you will raise your children in and have family dinners. Think of that after the closing.

Ofcourse you have to include all the details of how you would use the home in the decision making process but you must not be that emotionally attached to the home until you actually move in. That's hard to do. My friends in Lake Havasu City real estate know how to help their buyers ease into the home buying process without getting overly emotional. This can leak into the negotiations and final decision making if you're not careful.  As a dedicated Lake Havasu City real estate agent for buyers, they can help separate the emotions from the negotiations and put the terms into clear perspectives. 

When you launch yourself into a real estate transaction without the help of a buyers agent you can leave yourself open to hurt and disappointment. Not knowing what to expect is one clear sign of frustration for many first time home buyers. It's hard to trust the listing agent because they are typically only working for the seller and their buyers are not the top priority. In another area of Arizona my Sedona real estate agent, Eileen Schreiber, is excellent at helping buyers set their emotions aside when making an informed decision on real estate. She knows how involved buyers and sellers can get when they let their emotions make the call instead of their logical reasoning.

Yes buying can be emotional. But don't let that be the only deciding factor in making an informed decision on every detail of your transaction. Here are some other great agents and companies that are dedicated to buyers in their area.

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