Monday, August 29, 2011

Same Real Estate Fodder or Quality Content?

I heard the term "real estate fodder" a few months ago in discussing setting up a new real estate site with basic information. I had never given that content a name before but thought that about nailed it. There are endless sites out there with buyer tips, sellers tips, yada yada yada... does anyone care? Do our clients even read this stuff?  I realized there is nothing "quality" about any of that and started changing up my writing to include specific keywords and terms people may actually search for.

Sure you can use Google's keyword tool but it may not tell you about those 10 people that honestly were searching for "Homes in Greenbank Washington".  Because the community is so small there is not enough results to really count for much. But to those buyers that are really looking for real estate on Whidbey Island in that area, you might have hit a gold mine. Think about this, 10 people; not a lot but if all 10 contact you to buy a home, that's a nice chunk of commission change in your pocket. All this because you chose to go outside the norm of competition level and go for a slightly less well known phrase.

Since then my writing has gotten much more precise and these agencies and individual agents are showing up all over the board for phrases and keyword in their communities. This can really make a difference. Writing an article about Enterprise real estate may not hit the nail on the head in Google SERPs but titling an article "Real Estate Agents for Fort Rucker" might really get some military buyers AND sellers to sit up and find your site more.

Once there you can't just give them the fodder either. You must get specific on why they came to your site. You don't want to get them there only to have them get bored and click away. You want to give them something to hold onto. This can be in immediate property searches, valuable tips they need to buy exactly what they want or mistakes they may already be making in selling or buying.

You want to give the reader something they can't live without. Something they will regret not reading. This can be hard when again, you feel you have written all there is to write. But as the market changes so does the content. What was important yesterday may not be today and so forth. Laws change and tax incentives may come and go. All of this also promotes what type of agent or agency you are. Are you on top of all the latest trends and current markets? Do you know why buyers are buying and what they are buying? Can you genuinely help a seller price the home to be sold fast!?

While these specific areas can help narrow down your genuine leads so can offering real estate exactly where they need it. Consider the difference in clientele when you advertise Pullman real estate verses homes near WSU. Only those in the area will know to look specifically for that and then find it. Have your IDX offer specific map locations for searches right on these content pages if you can.

Get specific. Buyers and sellers have heard all the fodder before and they want to get in, get out and get what they need. Are you providing it?

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