Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why "Best Place to Live" is Such a Great Key Phrase

Finding more knowing the best of something is always in people’s minds whether it’s the best place to eat in a particular town or the best place to find something etc. and for the majority of us we know that only type in the search box the best of whatever were going to get a variety of different opinions because the best is all relative.

But nevertheless, we still type this phrase in hoping to find people’s opinions on what they feel is the best of something. I have found that writing articles and blog posts about the best place to live in a certain city is showing up more and more on search engines because that’s what people are looking for. They understand that the best place is all relative but they might find the best place for singles in Portland or perhaps Savannah Georgia is best neighborhoods for foodies and get some great suggestions on neighborhoods, where to look and places to go. When you’re doing real estate related blog posts and people are relocating to areas or cities they’ve never lived in they may want to know what the best place or best neighborhood for certain schools, families etc. You can get really detailed on the blog post for a lot of different search criteria is or you can simply do a blanket page on your website stating the best place to live in [your city]. 

If you’re going to go about doing a blog post like this or a static page on your website you need to add a disclaimer right off the bat that it’s all relative and this is your opinion. Finding the best of anything is all subjective to how you feel about it and your opinion so by offering information and stating this is your opinion or simply stating where you’re getting the information from put you in a better light with people and they won’t hold you to one opinion over another.

To build information on the “best place to live in…” check out certain city reviews, school reviews, Yahoo reviews and even Yelp. Many of these places will offer actual reviews from people that will give you a good idea of what they feel the best neighborhood or community in a particular city us. If you know your city well enough you can certainly add your own opinion as long as you state it as such. This is all opinion based and using a combination of several reviews from people that have lived in particular neighborhoods you can get a good idea of how to tailor your post for the right reader. Perhaps they just want to know where to live in a certain area such as this post by Greater NW Realty:  Where to Live in Snohomish County - it’s a large County with a lot of different types of cities and towns and people moving here from out-of-state or even in other parts of Washington may have no clue as to where to start.

Example: Where to live on Oahu

Remember, you want to create blog post that people are actually searching for. Put yourself in the mind of someone that may be moving to your area or needing a real estate agent and how would you search? Title your blog posts and create content around those searches and you should get a lot of views and hopefully leads.

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