Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Type of Searches Benefit Real Estate Websites?

How can Agents compete with Big R.E. Webmasters 

In the era of a, Zillow and Trulia, the little peon real estate agent, and even a major brokerage, can struggle with being found on the search engine for major keywords. So how is this type of real estate agent supposed to compete with the big dogs?

Unless agents or brokers have had a real estate website or domain for more than a decade, it may be impossible at this point. But it’s not hopeless if agents go for the less well-known phrases and real estate searches for a more specific lead. Many real estate websites can rank very well for specific blog posts, articles, and IDX search pages that specifically deal with the niche or type of home or community. Neighborhood searches are all the rage right now and until the big guys jump on board, individual bloggers and real estate websites can cash in on buyers and sellers looking for information on specific neighborhoods and communities within a major Metropolitan area.

Tim Bullington offers lots of local information in the Sierra Vista real estate market up with local events, activities, and specifics on homes such as homes near a local military base. The larger real estate websites are not going to have the specific searches that are going to focus on the “city + real estate” or “city + homes”.

Gary Cox has a particular niche in selling property in Anchorage Alaska so most of his blog posts and articles are going to reflect seller tips, staging articles, and how to price Anchorage real estate more than focus on buyer leads.

Kristen Boen has her own niche in Minot North Dakota tailoring her blog posts and articles on commercial real estate in Minot.

And Steve Fraley explores the vast amount of neighborhoods, communities, and unincorporated areas around Birmingham Alabama such as Hoover homes and Homewood.

Although most of these real estate agents can handle any type of residential or commercial real estate transaction they tailor their on-site page SEO specifically for their niche and their community, making it easier to find them for those more narrowed leads.

Other searches that may be in tough competition with the big real estate websites are ZIP Code searches, homes within specific school districts, and homes within a neighborhood with a certain amount of bedrooms or square footage. While the big website may show up for a lot of these a well optimized blog post or article should also be on the front page of Google and other search engines.

To get creative; work with your niche in a variety of title variations, descriptions, and keywords and focus on neighborhood or community posts and articles and specific types of searches within those areas.


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