Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Do I Compete in Bidding Government Contract Jobs?

If you are a contractor hiring employees for government type projects and construction jobs you know that you must adhere to the Davis Bacon Act of 1931. This states that all jobs must follow suit to the local prevailing wage for similar jobs in similar areas; meaning you cannot lower your bid and then pay your employees less. So how do you compete?

Davis Bacon.org has been helping those in similar situations for years. Divising pension plans and prevailing wage plans for specific jobs, projects or contractors. Without these, you can get shuffled in with the rest of the hundreds competing for the same job. What they do is divise a trust system for excess wages making the payout smaller but still giving the employee the benefits and wage they are due.  This provides the contractor to offer less on the bid without sacrificing the benefits to their employee.

Savings like these enable you to lower your bid while significantly increasing profits. The lower your cost of doing business, the more competitive you can be. Davis Bacon offers a variety of plans and signifigant savings over attempting the set up yourself. Don't trust just anyone when contracting government jobs. You need someone that has your best interest at heart. You know the government probably doesn't and neither will your employees. You must protect yourself somewhere and this is the best way to go about that when contracting government jobs.

These jobs can come in the form of renovating a house or remodel, construction of all new homes in a particular area for developers and builders, or larger projects such as office buildings or large complexes. Whatever the need you will need to be protected for your business and you employees sake. Consider contacting DavisBacon.org for all resources associated with this act and information on setting up pension plans, 401K's and other retirement accounts for yourself, your business and your employees.

DavisBacon.org | 425 889 8855 ext 1 | dbpa@davisbacon.org

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