Friday, January 27, 2012

Buying Real Estate in Washington

Washington State is a beautiful and diverse state with lush green on one side and arid fields on the other. From Salmon and snow capped mountains to expansive lakes and golden fields, Washington provides a little something for everyone.

On the west side of the mountains you have the bustling city of Seattle. Probably the most well-known city in the state and one of the biggest in the nation. The Seattle area stretches from Everett in the north all the way to Olympia in the south and covers about a hundred miles north and south along the Puget Sound.

Some of the prettiest ocean and water scenes are found along the Pugest sound from the ferries at Edmonds and Steilacoom to the islands of Vashon and Bainbridge.  Whether you're here for the day, the weekend or a lifetime, you can find peace, relaxation or night-life in the vast expanse of the Puget Sound.

On the east side of the Cascade Mountains and on the way to Eastern Washington you will find darling Bavarian towns like Leavenworth, orchard growing industries in Wentachee and Columbia River cities such as Goldendale and the Tri-Cities.

Head on over to the East side of the state and you have Spokane, the other bustling side of Washington. There are hundreds of cities, towns and communities spread out all over Washington state. From the cooler weather of the Seattle area to the hot and very cold temps of Eastern Washington. Are you looking to be surrounded by mountains and water or the wide open spaces of green and gold fields that stretch for miles? There really is an abundance of choice when it comes to buying real estate in Washington. The choices are endless, the styles unmatched and the opportunities abound in Washington real estate. Check out all the amazing places to live in Washington State. We think you'll stay a while!

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