Monday, May 25, 2015

Living in Kingston, New York

The Place

The sprawling yet tiny city of Kingston, New York is full of things to do and close to more things to do in nearby Saugerties, Rosendale, and New Paltz. The city is perfectly laid out for pedestrians and homes here are quite affordable. The city is divided into three distinct sections: The Rondout-West Strand District, Midtown and the Uptown Business District.

 Kingston is bordered by two waterfronts: the Hudson River and Rondout Creek. Kingston's waterfronts are great, but if you're a hiker you'll really enjoy the close proximity to many parks and nature preserves including the Catskills Mountains and Shawangunk Ridge.

The History

Kingston was settled by the Dutch in 1600s. The first constitution of New York State was written here and Kingston became the first capital of New York. In retaliation, the British burned it and this is re-enacted here every few years or so.

The Buildings

The architecture here is a quirky mix of beautiful old buildings and run-down store fronts. Check out Broadway for some funky, old, faded and abandoned buildings. As do many of the towns in the Hudson Valley, Kingston  is full of natural beauty and historic charm.

Four Corners is said to be the only intersection in the United States with 18th century stone houses on every corner.

If you're looking to buy real estate, you'll find a selection of Colonials, or Victorian's with high ceilings, or some houses built in the arts and crafts style. You'll also see a few homes built from kits supplies by Sears and Montgomery Ward.

In about the last seven years or so, there's been some new construction to add to the eclectic character of Kingston.

The Facts

Some quick facts on Kingston:
- population is almost 24,000
- median home cost is $140,000
- cost of living is 90% higher than rest of nation

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Image by Doug Kerr - Flickr Kingston NY

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