Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mortgage Brokers in San Diego and Los Angeles

One of the Best Home Loan Officers in California

 If you’re currently looking for a mortgage broker or loan officer  anywhere in the state of California let me introduce you to Maya Swamy. Maya is an expert in home loans and mortgage programs for first-time home buyers, refinances, investors and more. Her website offers dozens of articles and valuable information for first-time home buyers with program assistance and mortgage help. Because she knows California home loans, Maya specializes in distressed home buyers and finding the right assistance programs for down payment and closing costs.

The California home buyers fund offers dozens of programs specifically designed for individual home buyers that primarily occupy the primary residence. Many of these programs offer home buyers a .5% down payment on a home with a 3% grant for the remainder of the down payment. This 3% grant can cover closing costs or the down payment and is ideal for an FHA or VA loan.

Maya has a deep desire to help folks find exactly what they’re looking for and get their financial situation on the right track. There are several income requirements and purchase price requirements for a variety of programs dedicated to California home buyers. Because of the amount of programs and options available to investors, home buyers and first-time buyers, it’s best to contact Maya directly. She can determine the best program to meet your needs. Let her know how much you have in reserves and she will determine the best program for you. Many programs even offer a zero prepayment schedule so long as the home buyer stays in the home. Many of these secondary loans are ideal for first-time buyers due to the fact that they have zero interest or very low interest and need not be repaid until the home sells.

Here’s a variety of some of the best articles and information that Maya provides:

For more information simply contact Maya at any time at 323-230-9775 or email her at Visit her website to learn more about the options and programs available to first-time home buyers and investors.

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