Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nanaimo - Waterfront Town, not just a Cookie

Where is Nanaimo BC?

Nanaimo Canada, located on Vancouver Island, about five hours to Seattle Washington and about three to Vancouver across the ferry and the Strait of Georgia. On Vancouver Island, we are about an hour and a half north of Victoria BC. Nestled in among the streets up against the water, Nanaimo is home to about 84,000 residents and offers a stunning landscape and backdrop against the fresh evergreens of the Pacific Northwest.

Maybe you’ve heard of the famous Nanaimo bars; a ridiculously delicious cookie bar named after our famous city which includes a cookie crumb base with vanilla or custard icing topped with melted chocolate. Well, we are much more than simply a cookie; we are an eclectic waterfront town steeped in history and culture. With a mild and Mediterranean climate shielded by the mountains of central Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is home to several boats docks in the Nanaimo Harbour, waterfront shops and restaurants, and several outlying neighborhoods and communities with schools, bus routes, churches and the main campus of the Vancouver Island University.

These communities provide different types of homes and apartments from Upper Lantzville and Pleasant Valley to Hammond Bay and Chase River.  Of course, there are luxury properties anywhere you go in the Nanaimo area but typically home prices are around $400-$500,000 with the buildable lots around $200,000. We still have room to grow and if you’re looking to find a perfect home or to build your dream home overlooking the stunning Straits of Georgia off of Vancouver Island Nanaimo may be your perfect destination. Don’t you think it’s time to find out for yourself is living in Nanaimo is right for you? Contact Lynn Donn at 250-802-7321 or visit her website at for more information and to check out all the available and current listings in this Waterfront town.


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