Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Know Where to Live

 How to know where to live

This is a pretty generic blog considering there are millions of places to live all over the world. But when it comes time to move and relocate what’s the best way to choose where you’re going to live?
Randy Bocook, a Richmond Hill Georgia real estate agent, helps his buyers find exactly where they need to live by figuring out what their priorities are on a day-to-day basis. Randy finds out if people are going to be working at the local military base, if they need to be in certain school districts, or close to other work in Savannah Georgia, Hinesville, or in Richmond Hill itself.

A good way to determine the best place to live in a certain town or county is to determine what you do and what you need on a day-to-day basis. Do you need to be within walking distance to a market, schools, banks or other necessities? Will you have multiple cars or be limited to one vehicle? Do you need to have easy access to commute routes and alternate routes if the major freeways are blocked with traffic?

If you’re moving to a major Metropolitan city there can be dozens if not hundreds of choices of smaller communities, neighborhoods, subdivisions, and districts. The Reed More Group in Anchorage Alaska knows this all too well. They have dozens of smaller communities and subdivisions all around the Anchorage area. From smaller communities in the North such as Wasilla and Palmer, to downtown Anchorage which is divided up for different ways, East, West, North, and South Anchorage. They want to get a feel for your lifestyle and your daily routine so that they can help you find the right neighborhood and community that works for your lifestyle not just your budget.

Once you have figured out what neighborhood you want to be in it helps to determine what type of house or home you’re looking for. Condominiums, townhomes, and apartments are easier to maintain especially if you’re renting. If you’re looking for a single detached home you’ll need to decide if you want multi levels, split entry or split level, tri-level, or homes with basements. The exterior of the home is also something to consider; do you want a fenced yard, quiet cul-de-sac neighborhood and Street, sidewalks for easy walk ability?

How to know where to live is not an easy question to answer. It helps to discuss your lifestyle, needs, and day to day routine with your local real estate agent to find the best home in the best community for you and your household.

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