Friday, September 6, 2013

Does blogging every day really have a positive effect?

Does blogging every day really have a positive effect? 

There are many blogging platforms out there that a real estate agent could choose such as active rain, word press, real town, blogspot and many of which have certain contest that challenge their writers to post blogs each week or one a day or whatever. Is this just getting us into the habit of blogging so that we perfect our skill or does it really have a positive effect on our business?

Joe Hayden is a real estate agent in Louisville Kentucky that blogs every day about something; anything really. The focus should be primarily on real estate so Joe throws and a lot of market reports with valuable information for buyers and sellers, tips and changes in FHA, mortgage or interest rates as well as a lot of local events and activities. Joe does this every single day with a new blog post.

Granted, some of the information is regurgitated from information already online. But, because it’s put into Joe’s words and his spin on the article it makes it new content that’s unique to his website. Google is looking for a well-rounded, fully resourced website that will provide the user everything that they would need should they come to the site. Although Joseph site is primarily a real estate website, readers can enjoy a variety of information and content throughout the Louisville area.

These blog posts don’t have to be that long either. Google is looking for a natural combination of quick snippets blog posts and highly informative and in-depth reports. If you simply post 100 words a day it may not be enough. (This is why we have Facebook, Google plus and twitter - for those quick snippets) but Google wants a well-rounded site that has a variety of information that is naturally adding to the site and creating a better overall authority.

Now, you don’t necessarily want people calling you up for dog food information because you did a local blog post on the newest pet store in town, but the more that local people see your information, your face and your name online within your community the more you are branding yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

A good rule of thumb is that 70% of your website should be about what you actually do, I.E.real estate (or whatever it is you do) the rest of the website can be a combination of local information, reports and news brief that add value to your website as a whole.

So do you need to blog every day? It really comes down to time management. If you can slip in a 20 or 30 minute blog post each morning about the local weather, news, market reports or current homes for sale it will definitely add to the overall authority and benefit your website can project online.